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Zample Cards - Pastels Etc Iridescent and Mica - 111Click to enlarge

Zample Cards - Pastels Etc Iridescent and Mica - 111

[Sample 111]



By popular demand, here are our German Glitter Sample Cards! This card features some of our newer offerings, which branch away from our typical Glass Glitter selections: Iridescent and Mica Flakes.

Our Iridescent lightweight plastic material is quite soft and very versatile. Much lighter than our Glass Glitter, these flakes provide a beautiful shimmer for all types of products.

Our Mica is very soft and is incredibly a naturally occurring piece of stone. This mica is flaked, sorted, and color balanced directly for Meyer Imports.

Each card features nine 1-inch square samples of our products so you can really see the color, texture and shine of each selection.

This is a great way to really see the quality of our products and to help your design and ordering process as you think about other colors you may want to start working with.