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The Glass Glitter Crafting Starter KitClick to enlarge

The Glass Glitter Crafting Starter Kit



German Glass Glitter Starter Set

Includes 8 different Glass Glitter Colors, plus our great Glass Tack Glue (made just for our Glass Glitter)and additional items.  Like a  Craft Glitter Funnel Tray, a real handy item you will use for years to come!

Included Items:

Eight 1/2 oz bags of our German Glass Glitter in 8 different colors. Green, Silver, Rose, Violet, Blue, Gold, White and Black. You'll get a sampling of different grits in this set as well. Also includes a 1oz bottle of Glass Tack Glue,  and a Corked Bottle of our exclusive Super Shard Glitter.

Additional Items:

1) A six Mushroom Bouquet of our vintage Spun Cotton Mushrooms.

2) Two of our famous Meyer Bottle Brush Trees. A little fuller than most Bottle Brush trees, these are hand made in Germany.

3) A nice sample bag of Spring Time Miniatures. Great little miniatures from Europe, with a million and one great uses.

Includes Craft "Funnel" Tray. A great item for Glitter, Beads or working with any small parts.