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Silver - Glass Deco Beads (311-3015)Click to enlarge

Silver - Glass Deco Beads (311-3015)



Glass Deco beads are extremely tiny, colored no-hole 1 mm glass beads. A great complement to the Meyer Imports line of Glass Glitter, these micro beads are perfect for any scrapbook, papercraft or jewelry project.  Selected due to their brilliance, transparency (these have ideal light-reflection properties) and large range of both translucent and opaque metallic colors. They are really high quality colored glass - no-hole - mini beads.

Use with our Take & Make Glass Tac Glue to adhere to any project!

These are sealed “colored glass beads” and are not clear glass or plastic beads with a colorant added on top. You will not have any color bleed into your glue or artwork.

Take & Make Glass Deco Beads - Silver   Not suitable for use with children.

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