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Silver Fusion and Shards - 3 Jars - 311-0901



 A great bundle of our three most popular Silver Glitters. This set gives you one jar each of our Super Shard and Fusion Glitters. A full 3.5 oz of glitter (combined weight). This set gives you some of the most exotic glass glitters, imported directly from Germany, and is not your standard "craft store" glitters.

Used by professional artists in projects diverse as acrylics, resin, interior design and many consumer products. Our German Glass Glitter is made under our exclusive partnership and is made from plate glass, coated with actual Silver, and then flaked into precise grain sizes.

Set Details:

Includes three 1.25 oz jars of German Glass Glitter, one of each of the following glitters:

- Silver Super Shards: The largest glass glitter grain size glitter available. These "40 Grit" Glass flakes are the best where the ultimate sparkle and shine are required.

- Silver Fusion 4080: A blend of our 40 Grit Super Shards with a smaller 80 Grit glitter. Provides a great combination of sparkle and coverage from both the large flakes and smaller grains.

- Silver Fusion 7090: A blend of our 70 Grit Chunky Glitter with a fine 90 Grit glitter. Provides a great combination of sparkle and great coverage from both the combination of chunky grains and smaller 90 Grit grains.

- Retail Pack: The three jars are packed in a retail clear pack, suitable for retail, or as a great-looking set for your craft room.

As this is real glass, not suitable for children under 8 years old.