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Silver - Flitter Flakes - #311-4002Click to enlarge

Silver - Flitter Flakes - #311-4002


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Special Price for 1 oz Zipbag!

German Glitter 'Flitter' is a very light-weight Iridescent glitter flake material that takes on many differnt colors when viewed at an angle. It is much, much lighter than glitter and is very similar to mica flake glitters.

German Flitter is perfectly suitable to being used in scrapbooking, window-displays or for table-decorations and give any craft project a dazzling look.

Also, you can adhere this Flitter to your artwork with our Glass-Tac Glass Glue, using the same methods as with our German Glass Glitter.

German Flitter - 1 oz - Silver - #311-4002