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Signature Essentials - Silver Glitter Set - 311-M-0623



Signature Essentials All Silver - 12 oz of six glitters and deco beads - All Silver!

Designed with the Professional Crafter or Designer in mind, our Signature Essentials provides what every good design studio needs, five large 2 oz jars of five different German Glass Glitters plus 2 oz of imported glass Deco Beads.

In this set you get enough product to create dozens of designs, and maybe hundreds of prototypes, products and inspired creations. Pro-tip: Try All Silver and then decide what you need for larger scale production, as everything in this set is stocked in pounds, kilos and is ready to go!

Included Glitters: 40 Grit Super Shards, 70 Grit, 80 Grit, 90 Grit, & 100 Grit German Glass Glitter and one jar of Glass Deco Beads.

Contains real silver coated glass - not for children.

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