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Rosengold Essen - 311-BD-34



Rosengold Essen Blended Glitters

Our Rosengold glitters create a wonderful backdrop of color and texture, bringing together two of the most dramatic colors we sell. Our famous Gold glitters, uniquely blended with our wonderfully decadent Rose glitters. Rosengold Essen takes it a step farther with touch of golden beads to complete the symphony of color.

This finely ground colored glass is silver coated for extra sparkle and then expertly blended to create dramatic effects that no other glitter can provide. This is our signature glitter line and is used by designers and artists around the globe. 

Over time a beautiful patina ages the colors, to give you a really authentic vintage glass glitter look.  Produced in Europe by fine art glass glitter artisans, available exclusively from Meyer Imports. 

Not recommended for use with children.  Imported Directly from Europe.

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