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Little Chicks and Eggs. Set of 12 - German Import - IV3-3623Click to enlarge

Little Chicks and Eggs. Set of 12 - German Import - IV3-3623



Nicely produced tiny plastic eggs shells with birds / chicks. The shells are hard plastic and the chicks are a soft rubbery plastic material. Both were produced in West Germany, sometime after WWII

  • These are die-cast plastic egg shell and little chicks
  • They are about 3/4" tall and 3/4" wide
  • The shells have an 1/3" diameter opening.
  • The chickare removable from the shells.
  • There are different poses of chicks
  • Each set will have all of one style, or the other or a mix of the styles.
  • Sold in packs of 24 figures, or 12 sets of matching chicks and shells.
  • Material: die-cast hard plastics.
  • Produced in Germany.

Available in single sets, or in 3 pack bundles (36 sets of shell/chicks) or a 10 pack (120 sets of shell/chicks).

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