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Holiday Snow Flakes for Winter Displays - 3oz Bag - 311-4396Click to enlarge

Holiday Snow Flakes for Winter Displays - 3oz Bag - 311-4396



Our Holiday Snow is high-quality sparkley artifical snow that is non-toxic and safe polymer developed specifically to be used for any holiday display. These durable plastic flakes can used for months or years and may be used for holiday decorations year after year. Our holiday snow has the power to transform the your displays into a beautiful winter landscape.

Holiday Snow is a wonderful solution to add shine and texture to your crafty snow sceneries because it's light and fluffy. Holiday decorations, frozen theme parties, sensory activities are all ideas.

  • Holiday snow is created using random cut iridescent Mylar, which is far more expensive than plain plastic sheets, rather than cheaply crushed Styrofoam
  •  Holiday Snow for crafts and décor is iridescent and captures of different colors that sparkle and reflect light beautifully. The iridescent color effect will not be produced by the plastic sheet or Styrofoam used by others
  • Doesn’t need water, stirring or mixing. The original artificial snow that sparkles, shines and emits no fumes
  • Holiday Snow decor is perfect for frozen theme birthday parties, winter snow photography, year-round snow decorations, holiday displays, party favours, and floral arrangements
  • Our Holiday Snow Flakes have no huge flakes, and the flake size is consistent. To adhere snow flakes, use glue stick or any good craft glue. Faux snow is very light and easy to vacuum and clean

Color: Snow White  -  Package Size: Each 7"x9" polybag, contains 3 oz (28 grams). Available in: Single 3 oz bags, 3 Packs, 5 Packs or 10 Packs Retail Bags

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