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Green Snowy Hedge Pieces Random Cut Sizes  - 311-0821Click to enlarge

Green Snowy Hedge Pieces Random Cut Sizes - 311-0821



Green Snowy Hedge Bits and Pieces. At the end of every snowy tree production are all the random size bits and pieces that make great hedges and landscaping elements. Field Ground Cover for Model Railroad, Miniature Scenes and Fairy Gardens, all part of our Garden Landscaping product line up!

  • About 2 oz of random cut hedge bits
  • Hedge pieces are from 1/2" to about 2" long.
  • Comes packed in a 5" x 3" x 2" package
  • Contains about 20 to 25 pieces of different sizes
  • Green needles covered in glass glitter snow
  • Great for dollhouses, model trains, anywhere that you need a low snowy hedge.
  • Produced in Germany for Meyer Imports
  • Perfect for creating walkways, paths and anywhere you need perfectly sized, precision landscaping for your Fairy Gardens. 

 Great for model railroads, dioramas, or your own fairy gardens. Colored with natural non-toxic dyes.