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Glitter Treasures 30 Bottle Set - 310-841-30SETClick to enlarge

Glitter Treasures 30 Bottle Set - 310-841-30SET



This set gives you 30 1/2 oz Corked bottles of our most popular German Glass Glitters. Not only do you get 30 different glitters to try, you also get the vintage corked bottles!

Here are the colors by row. (left to right) All Glitters are 90 Grit.

Top Row: Gold, Fuchsia, Yellow Green, Red, Copper, Black

Row 2: Rose, Bright Gold, Emerald, Dark Blue, Dark Red, Light Blue

Row 3: Orange, Lime Green, Pale Blue, Sea Shell, Violet, Light Brown

Row 4: Forest Green, Rose Pastel, Silver, White, Sky Blue, Green Yellow

Row 5: Pale Yellow Green, Pink, Old Rose, Dark Brown, Lilac, Dark Orange

Bottles are filled by weight, not volume.