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.Edelweiss Austrian Flower Bracelet - 203-4-1206-BRClick to enlarge

.Edelweiss Austrian Flower Bracelet - 203-4-1206-BR



This is a children's bracelet made of Eddleweis Austrian Flowers that are approximately 5/8" diameter and 3/16" tall.

The flowers are sold separately as well, but this bracelet is too cute!

There are eight flowers on the bracelet and expands to fit a normal 6 to 10 year old wrist.

These are plastic flowers that are made from die-cast "hard" plastic and were produced in Germany.

The tooling for these flowers was hand carved and these are still produced by the family business that designed them in the 1950's.

Set of one bracelet made from 8 Eddleweis Austrian Flowers.