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Diesel Train Playset - #268-4104Click to enlarge

Diesel Train Playset - #268-4104


$14.95 $5.25

This is a hand painted miniature train set that include a total of 10 pieces. The train does not operate, but it is great for an office display, or for a youngster who loves trains. Includes an 8 piece silver / red diesel engine set, plus a passenger and freight shed.

The train includes an engine, one box car, an open hopper car, a closed hopper, a gravel hopper, a tanker, a log car and a caboose. The car do attach to each other, but do not have movable wheels. Not to scale, not very realistic, but still alot of fun to play with. Each car is about 2" to 3" long, meaning the whole train is over 20" in total length!.

They are made from die-cast softer rubber like painted  plastics.