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Confetti Flitter - Special 2 Oz Jar - #311-4370Click to enlarge

Confetti Flitter - Special 2 Oz Jar - #311-4370



Confetti Flitter (this is not mica) This material is specially formulated paint aggregates or decorative vinyl color chips. The random shapes of our Confetti Flitter make this unique product a great way to add a flash of color and texture to any piece or project.

Note: The is for one of our larger wide mouth jars - this 2 oz sized jar hold a full ounce of this very light material. 

Confetti Flitter is much lighter than glass glitter and will range in size, with most flakes being roughly 1/4" in size. See other listings for additional package sizes. This material is available in single ounce packages, 4 oz, 8 oz, full pound and kilos.

Product Details:

  • Material Type: Resin with additives and pigments.
  • Color Process:  Permanently colored and dyed flakes
  • Color Bleed: The color is fixed and not will bleed if mixed with glue or solvents.
  • Compatibility: The color is not effected by resins, solvents, or high heat
  • Safety Issues: Confetti Flitter flakes are non-toxic and safe for use in art, craft and decorative projects.
  • Suggestive Uses:  Used in Decorative Greeting Cards, Flooring, Wall Paper, Paints, Fiber and Glass Arts and to create distinctive designs with our German Glass Glitter