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Champagne - Curly German Lametta - 216-5126



Champagne - German Curly Lametta

While similar to Angel or Flower Hair, this real German Curly Lametta is much brighter, shiner, and colorful than any other product available from standard retailers. You see, Flower Hair is just "colored round wire" but to produce real Lametta our partners use an old world production process to roll, treat and plate each strand of wire, before it is twirled and curled. This is the same process used to create the old fashion Tinsel Lametta, but our Lametta is lead free and safe for crafts, floral and other artistic projects! 

Meyer Imports Lametta comes in 30-gram packages (a bit over 1oz) and is packed in resealable containers that measure 4"x6"x1". Lametta is very light and a single package is good for a number of projects, however it is also available in 3 and 10 pack bundles for extra savings!

Not recommended for use with children.  Imported Directly from Europe.

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