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Brown - Tan Brown SoftChips - 4oz - Composite - #311-4501



Tan Brown Polymer SoftChips are specially formulated paint aggregates (a man made composite material) designed for use in resin and epoxy art projects. Much more dense than our Mica Flake, ColorChips are malleable flakes, with a soft texture created to add depth and color to your designs and projects.

Our SoftChips will have chips ranging in size, with most flakes being roughly 1/4"  in size. Available in 4 ounce packages. 

Product Details:

  • Material Type: Polymer paint aggregates (man made material).
  • Color Process:  Permanently colored and dyed flakes
  • Color Bleed: The color is fixed and not will bleed if mixed with glue or solvents.
  • Compatibility: The color is not affected by resins, solvents, or high heat
  • Production Process: Created from the finest quality mica flakes and high heat resistant pigments which prevents any possible bleeding of color during application
  • Safety Issues: Non-toxic and safe for use in art, craft and decorative projects.
  • Suggestive Uses:  Used in  Flooring, Wall Paper, Paints, Fiber and Glass Arts and to create distinctive designs with our German Glass Glitter

Please note that the flake sizes and colors will have slight variations within a package due to the manufacturing process.

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