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Bridesmaid - Yellow Gown - 1.5" Tall - 1960 Vintage - IV3-3625Click to enlarge

Bridesmaid - Yellow Gown - 1.5" Tall - 1960 Vintage - IV3-3625



We recently acquired a large collection of 1960 vintage "cake toppers" that were produced in Hong Kong. These were designed for a different time and place. They are kitschy, fun, retro, and were not ever intended to be collectible in 50 years. But here we are! We have a large number of different colors, some are new, and some have been used. Some are "fairly nice" and some are a little crude in finish and paint. We have sorted out any broken pieces, but are selling them as is. Warts, funny faces, weird eyes and all.

  • Bridesmaid in a yellow gown.
  • The figure has a plastic slash.
  • Sold in a set of 1 figure per pack
  • Each figure is 1.5" tall and about 1.25" wide
  • Sold as-is - will have blemishes, glue marks, bad painting.
  • Packed in an individual pack as shown.
  • Produced in Hong Kong in the 1960's.

Let your imagination run wild! These are ready for any craft project! Sold directly by Meyer Imports. 

Not for children under 5.