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Angel Hair - Creme with Gold Lametta - German - 216-9001Click to enlarge

Angel Hair - Creme with Gold Lametta - German - 216-9001



Very traditional Christmas Angel Hair (with gold highlights) from Germany.

For years we have worked with one of the last standing companies in Germany that still produces Lametta and spun glass Angel Hair. We have developed a very unique combination of traditional Angel Hair, with real silver coated Lametta spun right in!

  • Sold in a set of 30 grams packs (over a full oz of material)
  • Creme color angel hair is made of curls of silky spun glass
  • Angel Hair with blended gold lametta
  • Traditionally used on Christmas decorations, or with Putzen village displays.
  • Packed in a retail package (5" x 6.5" x 1")
  • Lead-free and safe for crafts, floral, and other artistic projects! 
  • See options for 3 or 10 pack bundles
  • Please note: figures are not included
  • Imported directly from Europe

Angel Hair with Lametta is very light and a single package is good for a number of projects, however, it is also available in 3 and 10 pack bundles for extra savings! Not recommended for use with children.  Imported directly from Europe.

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