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Why we carry Nativity Figures

Just a quick note on something most people do not think about, when they think of Meyer Imports. We have stocked these Nativity sets for years. And every year we sell thousands of them. We sell them loose…..


We sell them in Walnut Shells…….

walnutSchell-203-3-137and we sell them to crafters and artists, who create beautiful Nativity Scenes for Christmas. Like this from Mini My Eye

icm_fullxfull.387113946_mxdgwkyvvi84c4swcwsc-1It is great to see these pieces, forged in Germany and produced for the last 60 years, end up in the hands of a crafter you uses them to create a new generation of holiday treasures for families to enjoy into the future! It one of those items we always have in stock and every time a set ships out, we know the tradition is continuing on…..

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