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We are seven shades of green

It is that tGreen-Forest-90-Grit-04ime of year….. New colors. New products. Lots and lots of fun! We just got in our latest shipment, with the new shade of green that we have been working on with our German factory.  This now gives us seven different shades of Green Glass Glitter, plus all our Super Shards, Medleys and Chunky Glitters, as well! Click below to see each new glitter, or see everything green here!

Green-Forest-90-Grit-05Forest Green 90 Grit German Glass Glitter <click>

Green-Forest-70-Grit-05Forest Green 70 Grit German Glass Glitter <click>

SSG-Forest Green-05Forest Green 40 Grit Super Shard German Glass Glitter<click>

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