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Tiny-Talk: Turtles & Frogs

IV3-2404 - Turtle (1)IV3-2534 TBIV3-2529 TBTiny-Talk is a series to highlight different miniatures in our product line.

We have a lot of inventory, (see our catalog here) and sometimes it hard even for us to really envision all the different types of little miniatures we stock.

It might seem strange to try to publish a whole blog post on Turtles and Frogs,  but when you have thousands of items that are anywhere from 10 to 40 years old, I think they deserve to get their own blog page!

These Turtles and Frogs were produced in Germany back in the 1970’s and were used for snow globes, and other miniature production items sold and exported around the globe from post WWII Germany.

IV3-2508 - Frogs (1)These are less than 1″ in diameter and were produced in the old world process of hand carving the master piece, that was then cast in metal from a wax mold, and then produced in larger quantities by large scale production machines.

203-9-121-TBYes, there use to be German factories with hundreds of workers who produced tiny Turtles, Frogs and lots of other miniatures.

It really was a different time and now the remainder of their hard work is in our inventory.

It was a long road from the original German production, the sale to wholesales, who then when out of business as the owner aged and then allowed to come n and purchase their complete business.

Vendor contacts, old paper records, lots of stories of the past and of course, thousands of turtles and frogs.

So, it you need a sample of a Turtles or Frogs. Email us. We will be happy to send you a few.




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