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The Master Crafters Set – Last Day of the Week of Something Mini!


We wanted to end the week of something mini with a bit of a bang! So we are using this to introduce our new Limited Edition Master Crafters Set.

Loaded with way over $100 of German Glitters, Glass Deco Beads, Minis, Mushrooms, and on and on!

It even comes in it's own Tin Litho Carrying Case! (Here is the front and back images on the case).

You can see that our Master Designers, built this set for themselves. (We started with 10 Tin Lito cases but only have 9 to sell.. How did that happening, Marketing Department?)

When packed correctly, this is a neat set and that you (or your chosen crafter if this is a gift) will want to sit down with 30 minutes to spare to explore all that is truly in this set. For the full list and to order, just click here!

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