Terra Textures


Our Terra Texture line is colorized materials made from the best of nature, such as fibers, wood, corks, and stone.

Produced in Germany for Meyer Imports, these unique products add a splash of color, a three-dimensional aspect and a wide array of new textures to your projects.

Terra Textures are very light, our large 1oz jar, filled to the brim, still weighs in at less than a ounce!

We put together this guide to help you determine what size package is right for your project.


IMG_2652Terra Texture Flakes

Terra Texture Flakes are ground and colorized hard woods from Germany, the flake size & color make these perfect for use as landscaping grass, or as a texture element within your artwork.


Rule of thumb:  A heaping 1/2 Cup is about 1 oz of Terra Texture Flakes!

Terra Texture Flake Packages

1 oz Jar: Contains 1/4 Oz of Flakes

4×4″ Zipbag: Contains 1/2 Oz of Flakes

4×6″ Zipbag: Contains 1 oz of Flakes

6×9″ Zipbag: Contains 4 oz of Flakes


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IMG_2991Terra Texture Corks

Terra Texture Cork Chips & Chunks are ground and chipped natural corks from Europe, the grain size and color will add a dimension of realism to artwork or card crafts.


Rule of thumb:  A level 1/2 Cup is about 1/4 oz of Terra Texture Cork!

Terra Texture Cork Packages

1 oz Jar: Contains 1/8 Oz of Cork

4×6″ Zipbag: Contains 1/2 Oz of Cork

6×6″ Zipbag: Contains 1 oz of Cork

6×9″ Zipbag: Contains 2 oz of Cork


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