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Sold over a ton of German Glass Glitter this Season. Where did it go?

All things Beautiful

We literally shipped tons (pallets full) of German Glass Glitter this season and I have been tracking where it went and where it was used. Lucky for me, so many of my customers are bloggers, and not only bloggers, but great photographers and writers as well.

So, it is easy to find a huge number of great projects that are using Meyer Imports glitters. This is just one of them, but wow what a great idea.

All Things Beautiful

On the blog "All Things Beautiful" a simple but very beautiful project that (for the first time that I have seen) is using Sheet Music as a base for printed images. Now, this is a great idea and worth the trip over to the posting.

This is just one of the many blog  / projects that I will be cataloging over the next few weeks, Thanks to all for creating so many beautiful pieces with our Glitters. And, we always appreciate the shout out when you name us as your source for the Best in German Glitters!

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