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Pretty little glitters, all in a row

ETSY-1I hopped over to our Etsy shop (Doris Dotz) this morning and a couple of things jumped out at me that I wanted to share.  We are at 5,800 sales, 2,500 admirers and 3,100 5 star ratings.

I guess I am kind of bragging, a little, but more than bragging I am just very proud of the this little shop and the number of customers that Etsy has brought our way who liked what we do and stayed around a bit. I also really liked the way our new photos of the Medley Glitters looks on Etsy and thought this screen shot summarizes our product line perfectly. Lots of German Glass Glitter, a few mushrooms, some miniatures, a hay bale and of course a windmill.

Etsy{click to enlarge}

I love the way the new photos all line up and am very proud of how our Etsy shop has really shaped up. That’s all. Just my little thought this morning.

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