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Our Mushrooms

Mushroom_2a.jpgThis page is to provide a little more detail on our Vintage Mushrooms, traditional Spun Cotton, Plastic and Plaster Mushrooms. These are genuine old “new” inventory, made in Germany and imported to the states many years ago. Our vintage mushrooms are a really special find for crafters, artists, florists and all mushroom fans. Most of our mushrroms were imported from Germany in the 1960, making these “new – old stock mushrooms well over 40 years old! Our mushrooms are made from either hand painted molded plastic, plaster or our famous traditional spun cotton with a hard lacquered “button top”. Meyer Mushrooms are old store stock mushrooms and are all in mint, never-used condition. Perfect little fungi to add to dioramas, craft projects, and for creating holiday ornaments and decorations.