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Meyer Imports Officially Joins Faire To Reach New Retailers in 2023

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Summary: Meyer Imports is a trusted provider of high-end art supplies, design, and craft materials for an array of applications, across various industries. The company has expanded its distribution network to include a new store on Faire to reach existing and new retailers while continuing its focus on growth through increased distribution.

Meyer Imports is a dynamic provider of internationally sourced design, art and craft materials. To continue the growth and expansion efforts undertaken in 2022, Meyer Imports has now officially joined Faire. This new partnership will allow Meyer Imports to further increase its distribution outreach and engage with new retail buyers from many different regions. With its unique supply chain model and its deep relationships with small family-owned manufacturers, the company sources exclusive products for leading buyers and designers, while also importing materials and products for small-batch industrial manufacturers and retail buyers.

John Vieira, CEO of Meyer Imports, commented, “As we continue to expand our ability to better serve our existing and new retailers, manufacturers, and other wholesale customers, it was a natural growth strategy to launch on Faire. We will leverage our investment in platforms and pair it with our operational excellence to support our existing wholesale accounts, many of whom already use Faire as their business partner while leveraging the marketplace Faire has created for retailers across the globe. Our launch and growth on Faire is a very important element in our 2023 strategy”

Faire has created a unique platform that allows entrepreneurs, small businesses, and local companies, to access a wide network of retail customers. Ever since its inception in 2017, Faire has enabled more than 85,000 brands to find retail customers across 25,000 cities nationally and internationally. With a huge array of products that are applicable to a wide range of the retail sector, Faire allows access to the largest, trusted marketplace to develop additional distribution relationships with a very cost-effective marketing investment.

Gina Kabasakalis of Faire commented, “We’re thrilled to welcome Meyer Imports to the Faire marketplace,” said Gina Kabasakalis, Strategic Account Executive at Faire. “Our retailers have demonstrated a strong interest in leveraging Faire’s terms to shop Meyer Imports products, so we’re pleased to be able to support their growth through Faire’s community of 650,000 retailers across the globe.”

With exponential growth in 2022 and the years prior, Meyer Imports continues to deliver on the quality commitment it has made to its clients. In 2023, the company aims to accomplish even more milestones and further diversify its range of products while simplifying order integration with its customers. The company is now fully geared to work with additional retailers while growing its presence among leading names in the retail and manufacturing space. Existing brands that trust Meyer Imports include Netflix, Apple, Martha Stewart, Estee Lauder, Walt Disney Imagineering, Hourloop, Inc and more.

More details about Meyer Imports can be seen on their official website at https://www.meyer-imports.com/about_us.php,

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