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It’s a Festivus Miracle! The Mini Gnomes are back!

These little 1" Gnomes have quickly become one of our best selling items. It might be because they are so cute, or the fact that we are the only company in North America that imports these, or maybe just because Gnomes are plain awesome.

click here for Gnomes

I came across these on one of my trips to Germany, and was so happy to ink a deal to be the Gnome Guy for North America. We imported a few thousand as a test and ran through them way faster than anyone thought we would. It took a while to get a larger shipment in (these are all hand painted, and take time to produce) but we got our load in this week and are already shipping these out to our Gnome Loving Customers!

Come see these and all our "Tiny Things" in our Miniature Shop and stock up for the holidays!

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