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Introducing 6 New Mica Colors Inspired by Nature

The newest additions to our Mica Flitter Flakes capture the brilliant colors of the earth, sky, and water. The new mica colors making their Summer 2018 debut are Sapphire Blue, Amber Gold, Ice Blue, Stone Yellow, Rusty Orange, and Jade Green.

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These 6 new shades join our large selection of over 30 mica colors that range from lovely Cream White to the dramatic Ultra Black. See all Mica Flitter Flake colors.

Let’s take a closer look at these pretty new colors!

Sapphire Blue

sap blue

Amber Gold


Ice Blue

ice blue

Yellow Stone


Rusty Orange


Jade Green


Like all our Mica Flitter Flake products, these earth-tone flakes owe their radiant color to both natural and manmade sources. Appropriate for a variety of applications, this color is permanent and will not bleed if mixed with glues or solvents.

Mica flakes are non-toxic and safe for use in art, craft and decorative projects. Popular uses include decorative paper products, paint, glass arts, textiles, and much more.

What will these new colors inspire you to create? Shop these new colors and all our Mica Flitter Flake and German Glass Glitters for crafts that will dazzle and amaze!

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