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Found of Etsy – Mushroom Edition! So many Mushrooms!

Today, we start our Etsy journey by swinging  by Cerise's Kraty Katrina's Store to check out her terrariums made with Spun Cotton Mushrooms, (I wonder where you get those Mushrooms? Maybe here!) Well, here is another great example of a their great mini terrarium!

And in keeping with the Spun Cotton Mushroom theme, here is the cutest little Elf carrying around his load of fresh mushrooms! From SaintNICHOLAStoo

To help us round out this mushroom edition of Found of Etsy, we have the faerie ring . Three mushroom hair bobbies from Kate's Cottage! Very nice use of Mushrooms!

To close out this edition of Found on Etsy, we have a double double, Spun Cotton Mushrooms and Glitter! What could be better! See them both in action on these great snowmen! From OldSaintNick

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  1. These mushrooms look adorable… How did they come up with this idea? Mushrooms are known to be food spices, supplements and much more. Who could’ve imagined that they’d be cute that way? Anyway… why do people always associate mushroom with red? Do the Mario Brothers have anything to do with that? Haha!

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