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Fairy Dust on ETSY. wow, lots of it!

Sometimes I forget that a lot of people do not like the word Glitter (I do not know why!) and call this shiny, shiny stuff Fairy Dust (or Diamond Dust, or Sparkle Dust or ??) And as proof of this if you click here you will see thousands of items on ETSY under the Fairy Dust name.

Some of this Fairy Dust is cheap Glitter and some of it is very fine German Glass Glitter (I guess it is best to know your Fairy Dust supplier to make sure you are getting the good stuff!)

All of it seems to come in nice little vials. So, if you looking for the vials or the dust, we have your Fairy Dust needs covered!

So call it what you want, just make sure you have plenty of hand for your Halloween or Fairy Dusting needs!

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