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Artist Spotlight: Allesio Gila

In this business we have been so fortunate to meet and build relationships with amazing artists. Among those is the inspired Alessio Gila, creator of Yargo Creations. Alessia has many talents, but his specialty lies in Polymer Clay artwork. You can read an earlier blog we featured in May, introducing Yargo Creations.

Polymer 1

Being a loyal customer, Alessio recently tested some of our glitters on a new project he was working on, and came up with some wonderful findings!

Polymer 7Polymer 3

When dealing with Polymer Clay, it is best to start by following the strict directions for oven temperature and maximum bake time. Alessio found that with a temperature of 275 degrees Fahrenheit for only 30 minutes, most of the glitters came out perfect!

Polymer 2

There is some slight color change with the lighter or pastel glitters (such as green), and blues and reds tend to shift colors entirely when in the oven for longer periods of time in a higher degree of heat. For some, this may be a desired effect and can look very neat when mixed with other colors!

Polymer 4

Polymer 5Polymer 6

For work with Resin, there is no baking involved, it hardens at ambient temperatures. Even though no heat is applied, there was still some color change as with the polymer clay. Alessio stressed the importance of using a cured resin rather than an uncured epoxy resin. He also found that it made a difference to use a water based paint to coat the piece after the resin hardens.

resin 1resin 2

No matter what the result in color, the shimmer and beauty of the glitters was not at all lost in the process. One of the major appeals of Polymer Clay and Resin, is that you can shape them in any way that you want, and make them any size that suits your needs.

Alessio has an eye for jewelry and noted that the pieces he made would be wonderful on a necklace or bracelet. This is just one of the many great projects you can use our German Glass Glitter for. Let us know how your latest project is going, and how you used our glitters (or other products) to bring your imagination to life!

making 2 making 3

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