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Free Offer – German Dolls, included with every order.

This is a free offer from Doris Dotz (blog) for retail customers. Until the end of October, every order over $12 ( any products) from Dotz eBay or Etsy store will
include a free set of these two dolls. Display them, Craft them or use
them as gifts! The choice is yours! Order today by shopping at Doris Dotz on eBay or Doris Dotz on Etsy!

Make sure to tell your friends, great products, great prices and free gifts with every order!

Halloween Crafting Heaven! Johanna Parker – Designing with a scary flare!


Johanna Parker is a papier mache folk artist with a
love for all things vintage. Her specialty is Halloween, and she creates
whimsical characters which are hand-sculpted, painted and  adorned
with her illustrated party hats.


Her fanciful creations bring back sweet
childhood memories of warm holiday traditions, spreading smiles through her art.

Even though Halloween is her favorite subject matter, all seasons are part of her creative world! In fact, Johana designs holiday and all-seasonal products for Primitives by
Kathy & now most recently, Bethany Lowe Designs! We are very proud to have Johanna Parker Designs as one of our many extremely creative artists who rely on Meyer Imports for their supplies.

Christmas in May? Yes!

One of the best things about running Meyer Imports is that I get to meet and learn from so many crafters and artists who are all creating unique businesses and hand made crafts in so many unique ways. I think that all of us "vintage crafters" are bound together by a simpler time, a slower time, a time when simple pleasures meant so much more than they do today.

With that as a backdrop, I am very happy to introduce a new Meyer Import customer, Celebrate 365.


While most of our customers are designers or artists, Celebrate 365 is one of the leading magazines on the subject of Christmas Ornaments. It's all about collecting, buying, designing and interacting with active community of like minded folks.

I am also happy to report that I recognized a number of the "linked" bloggers and designers on Celebrate 365 who are already Meyer Imports Customers.

So if you are interested in old fashion Glittery Christmas decoration, ornaments (or really anything Christmas) you should take a look at their website! In fact, just the list of blogs and designers on their site it worth the stop by to Celebrate 365!




Welcome! Katy Kristin: Cute, Clever, Crafty!

We areLogoWink happy to introduce a new artist to our family of customers. Katy Kristin, very unique hand crafted toys, pins accessories and more! Cute as a button as well! Katy has an interesting background as a degree'd art major, she She made clay characters for Mr.
(from Saturday
Night Live
) and for
Mad TV claymations (Furious
She also edited some documentaries (New
Orleans: A Natural History
and The
Battle of New KatyPippi Orleans

Then she made more clay characters for some
Public Service Announcements about hurricane
evacuation and wetlands restoration for the
Gulf Coast region. She helped make stuff
for attractions at Sea World and Universal
Studios, and she did sign art for her
local Trader Joe's, too.
also built lots of miniature buildings and
shops, but most of them were blown up.

One day, in the middle of all the working, she decided she really liked making
stuff to wear and making toys and painting
So Katy began
having some art shows and selling her jewelry
and stuffed
Check out her site to see some of her very cool hand crafts!



Meyer Imports – in the news!

I am very happy to share a nice review we received from Craft Critique, a blog that specializes in reviews of craft and scrapbook products. Their editors took a look at our new craft kit (the Model #113) and our vintage scrapbook paper products!

This is a great chance to see what others are saying about our products and to gather some great project ideas as well!

Please make sure you check out all the nice things that Craft Critique has to say about our great products!!!