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Announcing Miss Mustard Seed German Glass Glitter

Round Label PhotoWe are extremely happy to announce that we have formed a partnership with Marian Parsons (Miss Mustard Seed) to manufacture and distribute the Miss Mustard Seed blend of German Glass Glitters!

With Miss Mustard Seed as our creative spark, and our world class partners and manufacturing, this is a partnership that was meant to be!

       Combo Picture

We are launching with five colors and will be accepting pre-orders next week for shipping in mid to late June. And once the production line starts, we will be at full production in no time at all.


See below for more details on the product and wholesale ordering!




Questions? Here is our FAQ on this new product launch. 

1) Is the same German Glass Glitter that Meyer Imports is so well known for?

Yes, however, we have been working directly with Miss Mustard Seed to develop a Glitter Blend that is unique to her and created in Germany under direct supervision of our German partner. 

While more colors will be following soon, we are launching with Tiara Silver, 14 Karat Gold, Carnival Glass Blue, Flapper Black and Fallen Snow White to start.

2) What is the package size and weights?

Each wide-mouth jar holds 4oz of Glitter. Theis jar is unique as it makes it so easy to take out just a pinch or to replace any unused Glitter.

3) Is the product packed and labeled for retail sales?

Yes, each jar is labeled for retail sales, ready to be displayed in your shop or store front.

4) Are you selling both retail and wholesale?

Yes, The retail price for a 4 oz jar is $18.95. We will be selling these jars on our website and other proprieties we manage, but always at the full retail price.

Wholesale accounts will be able to purchase by the case at substantial discounts from our retail price.

5) What are the wholesale packs and the number of jars per case?

Each wholesale case contains 12 jars, and we are offering discount tiers for 3, 5 and 20 cases. And you can mix and match colors if you only need one case or less!

6) Can all existing Meyer Imports Dealers buy Miss Mustard Seed Glitters at the wholesale pricing?

Yes, all our existing wholesale accounts, dealers, retailers and distributors will be able to purchase Miss Mustard Seed Glitter, along with all our other products.

7) How do we become a dealer, so our store can sell Miss Mustard Seed Glitters?

Really easy. You need to set up an account on our site at Meyer Imports, and fill out a very simple online application. All the details can be found here.

8) Since this is real glass, are there any precautions with the product?

Yes, it really should not be used with kids, or anywhere kids can get into the product. Other than using good safe common sense practices, (keep away from eyes, do not eat, mix with food, use on children decorations, etc) there are no other risk or concerns.

9) Can it be used outside?

No, we do not recommend using the glitters in direct sunlight. The UV rays will cause the colors to fade rather quickly.

10) How do we order and when will it be ready to ship?

This product is in stock and ready to ship! To order the order, please follow this link: Miss mustard Seed Glitters





How to Make a Moss and Glass Glitter Banner

Spring-Banner2To kick off the Spring Blogging season, I thought, what would be a better topic to blog about, than a great banner, using moss & glitter to celebrate spring!

And to make it even better, a complete step by step by step instructions with photos to make this an easy and fun project for anyone. to see if all, head over to Chic California to see a wonderful blog that is full of great ideas!

And now, my favorite picture of the day!!!

German-Glass-Glitter-LettersIsn't this the prettiest "e" you have ever seen! It might be the glitter that I love, or seeing our products in action, but I just love this one!

Thanks to Chic Calfornia for a great blog post!

DIY German Glass Glitter Silhouette Nativity

Silhouette Nativity Straight On1

Hymns and Verses

One of the most wonderful experiences of the season for us, is being able to sit back to see Meyer Imports Glitter projects pop up all over the internet as all the glitter we shipped "last month" turns into this month delightful creations.

We feel is our job to find the "best of the best" and catalog them, present them and save them for future reference (see our Projects and Tutorial section).

And today we are so very happy to present a wonderful Nativity scene that is a prefect way to start the Christmas week.

Silhouette Nativity Straight OnHymns and Verses

Our friends at Hymns and Verses have not only shared their design, but all the templates and details on how to create this project yourself! Talk about the season of sharing! Thanks so much for sharing this will all of us and all my customers around the world!

Sold over a ton of German Glass Glitter this Season. Where did it go?

Ornaments-sheet music title.jpgAll things Beautiful

We literally shipped tons (pallets full) of German Glass Glitter this season and I have been tracking where it went and where it was used. Lucky for me, so many of my customers are bloggers, and not only bloggers, but great photographers and writers as well.

So, it is easy to find a huge number of great projects that are using Meyer Imports glitters. This is just one of them, but wow what a great idea.

Ornament-madonna-tree.jpgAll Things Beautiful

On the blog "All Things Beautiful" a simple but very beautiful project that (for the first time that I have seen) is using Sheet Music as a base for printed images. Now, this is a great idea and worth the trip over to the posting.

This is just one of the many blog  / projects that I will be cataloging over the next few weeks, Thanks to all for creating so many beautiful pieces with our Glitters. And, we always appreciate the shout out when you name us as your source for the Best in German Glitters!

We like Shout Outs! Thanks NES, from Haifa, Israel!

2013-09-06 08.27.36
It is truly amazing that a company would come across our products and feel compelled to tell they users about us! But this happens every day, it is the reach of the Internet that allow us to have a global reach, with customers in over 50 countries and weekly shipments to Canada, Austrilia, England, France, Japan, Brazil and even China! (but never to North Korea, not really sure why…)


So, to see what our new freinds in Israel have to say about our products and their plans, click on over to NES!

Breaking News from Glitterfest! We won!


We are back from Glitterfest and have some really great news! We won the award for the most Beautiful Booth! Of course, we had a secret weapon that no one else could compete with, a table full of bowls of German Glass Glitter!


Could anyone really come close to this?

20131012_093837So Many Colors!

20131012_093807Halloween Glitters, and Pumpkins!

20131012_093742Each bowl with it own Spoon. Extra fun playtime for crafters!


Just a few of our own Glittery Designs, just for fun!


From the Glittery Mind of Kaethe…. 

20131012_095908Just some of our Glitterfest fans, lining up around the corner for G-Fest!

Can't wait to see you all again next Spring! Until then, stay Glittery!