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If you give a mouse a cookie

1641_b.jpg_20170518102714aWhy do we do this?  Why do we work so hard to stock thousands of products, that are so niche, so outside of the normal mass market? Why do we focus on only working with small manufacturers in Europe, that do not have distribution (at all) except through us?  Why do we deal with customs, exchange rates, VAT, transport delays and the huge investment in inventory that we hold?

Because, somewhere today a child is opening a box and getting to read a story, play a game with friends (or better yet, their parents) and in that game is a little mouse. A mouse that started life in a family run factory in Germany, made it across the ocean to us, who then moved it to Primary Concepts, who then assembled him into a great activity for kids.

1641_b.jpg_20170518102714I know I could write this blog post with a thousand other examples of our products being bundled into products from Disney, Neiman Marcus, thousands of independent designers and artists and even Apple (look at the Apple store floor, really carefully the next time you are shopping for an iPhone. Yep – Meyer Imports Glitter).

But our little mouse is the most impressive to me. He is such a hardy little fellow, he has travelled so far, left all his little mice buddies and his mouse family to become part of some childs’ world, who will never know the “rest of the story” on this little fellow.

Thanks Primary Concepts for being such a great customer and for giving our mice a path into the hearts of children everywhere!

Artist Profile: Rosemary Olson

olson-2We recently received a very nice email from one of our customers.  It simply read “Just a picture of what I use some of your glitter for.”

12 little words that made my day.

olsonolson-1We get emails like this all the time, because our customers know we love to live through their creative abilities and just love to see what they create with our products.

I also love the attention to detail that Rosemary gives to her art.

And on top of that, if I asked if I could use the photos in exchange for promoting her Etsy store, or website. Her reply. No need. She does not have an Etsy store, is not trying to build a big huge website or drive users to her blog.

She just likes to create, and probably has loyal following in her region. And that is fine.

Because, this is what it is all about.  Being creative.

We are happy to know our customers on a first name basis. We are happy that we are not trying to compete with Walmart. We are happy that we have customers like Rosemary who puts quality ahead of profits and is doing something she loves. Just like us.

Send us your story. Send us your photos. We love to stay connected with you!

9 reasons to love Glass Glitter

9 reasonsOur customers crack us up!

From  BrookBrookielynn’s Bungalow out of Celina, Texas (where you can find her shop, Whimsy Finds) I present to you her fantastic:


9) it’s real glass, not cheap plastic.

8) it made with 9 reasons1pure silver

7) it tarnishes over time for that vintage look

6) It’s handmade (same way for over 100 years!) 

5) It gives you an amazing sparkle

4) It comes in chunky and shards

3) If you need a fine grit for paper-crafts, it comes in that as well

2)  And if you need medium grit, it even comes in that!


1) Crafts just look a thousand times better with German Glass Glitter!

We Heart: Yargo Creations

Yargo#3From Germany to the USA to Italy. That’s the way our glitter rolls!

We found Yargo Creations from a comment on our Facebook page and so happy we did!  They are known for their Polymer clay inspirations and we are going to do some testing with them to see how our glitter does in the baking process… But for now, we have a wonderful, simple, elegant pendant that both features glitter, but without glittering…. Interesting and just spectacular!

Project spotlight: Glitter Eggs

DIY-Glass-Glitter-EggsOkay, I know Easter is behind us, but we all have those little plastic eggs from the holiday… and what to do with them all?

Well, today we feature a project from one of our favorite designers and bloggers, Adrienne of Chic California that gives you the perfect use for all those left over eggs!

It is really worth a click over to her blog, to see the step by step instructions and  some the other great projects and ideas on her site.

We just love Adrienne’s work and wish our house looked like hers! Well, least our leftover plastic Easter eggs look great now!


Two more big announcements!

As a follow up from my post last week, announcing our new partnership with Miss Mustard Seed, we are making two more important announcements!

Need to become a retail wholesale account? Click here.

First, our Miss Mustard Seed Glitter Store is open for business on Meyer Imports and we are now accepting preorders for all five colors of the Miss Mustard Seed’s Glitters!

And then to make it extra “special” we have a great June Special as well! A case of 12 Jars is only $199, with even bigger discounts for our dealers and retaiers!

This price is only good for orders received in June, including all preorders!

We making it even easier to get started with this Miss Mustard Seed Glitters,  just take a look at our Starter Case, a great mix of all five colors to get you going!

The Starter Case includes: 4 Jars of Tiara Silver, and 2 Jars each of Carnival Glass Blue, 14 Karat Gold, Flapper Black and Fallen Snow! 12 Jars total!

Order it now and get the June Special Pricing!

Here are some important details on our June pre-orders:
We are in the middle of production and expect to be making shipments come the middle of June. All orders we get before then will be shipped as soon as product is off the production line!  When you preorder you will have three payment options

1) Pay by credit card: We will only charge once we are ready to ship.
2) Pay by Paypal:  We will get your prepaid order ready to go right away!
3) Request an paypal invoice: Just request this in the comment section and once we are ready to ship, we will send you an Paypal invoice. You can take care of the payment, once we are ready to ship your order!

Feel  free to drop us a line with any comments or suggestions! And thank you to all the new wholesale accounts who have join us this last week! It is easy to sign up and get wholesale pricing and become one of our valuable retailers!