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Martin Meyer Imports vs Martin Meyer Imports West

What’s the deal with these two companies?

Are you the same company?  Do you have Dresden? German Scrapbook Cutouts? Bouillon? These are questions we hear all the time and I know it must be confusing for our customers. Well, here’s the scoop. Back in 2004 we were just customers of Martin Meyer Imports and used many of their items  in our models and miniatures. As I got to know Edith and Martin, I “popped” the question “were they interested in selling the business”. After a couple trips to Chicago and over a few beers and Bratwurst, a deal was agreed to.

While they were not really ready to exit the business altogether, they did need to downsize and reduce the inventory and overhead of the business.

We, on the other hand, were only interested in certain parts of their product line. However,  we were very interested in possibly taking over the rest of the business (and the company name) sometime down the road. Also, with 50 years of history, we did not want the Martin Meyer Imports name to cease operation. 

So we effectively carved the business in two, with our operation taking over the German Glitter, Miniatures, Landscape and Christmas items. The original Martin Meyer Imports is continuing to offer their beautiful stickers, Dresden and Bouillon.  We chose to re-christen our company Martin Meyer Imports West to communicate the continuation of the business, a partnership of sorts to keep the history intact while we grow the business in new and exciting ways. Even as two separate companies, we remain great friends and help each other anyway we can.