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Introducing Dark Fusion Glitter

A stunning new development for our famous German Glass Glitters, bold colors that explode off a black base. Dark Fusion Glitters create a multi dimensional color “pop” that is unlike any other glitter in the market today.

Blue Cobalt Dark Fusion 40 Grit
Available in 14 glorious colors

Fuchsia Dark Fusion 40 Grit
Each color is available 40, 70 and 90 grit sizes

Forest Green Dark Fusion 40 Grit
Precision blending for perfect consistency.
Every order, every time.

Red Dark Fusion 40 Grit
Hand Crafted Glitters from Germany.
Exclusively for Meyer Imports.

Come see all we have to offer with our German Glass Glitter, our  Super Shards, Fusion Glitters  and the newest member of our Glitter line – Dark Fusion!

Valentine Day Glitter Give Away!

IMG_6514We like “Likes!”

We are running a facebook promo for the next week, and giving away sets of Valentine Glass Glitter, in a Heart Shaped Jars.

IMG_6524_1Each retail pack set includes one jar of Glitter (white, red or gold) and is packed with real German Lametta (German Curly Wire).

IMG_6494_1All you have to enter, is click on over to our facebook page, “like” our page and leave a comment. Next Friday will pick three winners (each winner will get either the white, gold or red set – our choice!) And then into the mail they go! Free to you, the lucky winner! Shipped anywhere in the world! For Free! Happy Valentines Day!

Leave your “like” and your comment to enter today!

IMG_6516 IMG_6508_1 IMG_6491_1


Valentine Heart Jar Special Sale

310-842-AA-06Only 99 cents each!

Just in time for Valentines day, we present a special low  price on our Heart Shaped corked jars. ready to hold about 2 oz of our famous German Glass Glitter, or anything else you want to fill them with!

This empty glass bottle, with cork, measure approx 3″ tall, 2 1/2″ wide (the front of the heart), and 1 1/2″ deep. They have a 1″ opening.  Just click here to get them at this great special price!310-842-AA-13310-842-AA-03310-842GROUP-13

Mushrooms, Holidays & Crafting

218-0135-08Mushrooms take a special place in a crafter’s heart, specially when it comes to the holidays. For some reason, out of all the fungi in the world, only the Mushroom is treated as a king when it comes to crafts.

In fact on Etsy, there are 9,831 listings under supplies for Mushrooms. Wow, that’s a lot of mushroom options.  One thing we started to notice is that foam mushrooms are sneaking into peoples listing. I am sure that mass produced foam mushrooms are fine, but we like to stick to hand made spun cotton for my mushrooms. Or wood. Or resin (best for outside uses).

However, the most important the aspect for your mushrooms, is color.  To see all our mushrooms, in all their glorious colors, just click here and then here!

218-0135-01 6-002-1P-10mmPink1 6-002-1Y-10mmYellow-7 218-0114 - 20mm Red - (7)

Reintroducing Fusion Glitter

Fusion - Silver 4080-05Fusion Glitter is a blended German Glass Glitter that is both exclusive to Meyer Imports and has changed the way our customers buy glitter.

Our Fusion Glitters have become one our best selling products as the blending of larger chunk glass, with very fine grains give you the best of both worlds, extreme sparkle and great coverage!

Fusion Glitters are not like any other Glass Glitter on the market, and have become the professionals choice for the creation of unique pieces and products that are as special as you are.

Available in retail packs, and bulk quantities of pounds, kilos and more! Give it a try to see the difference yourself!

Fusion - Gold 4080-05Fusion - Red-05Fusion - Lilac-04Fusion - Green-05Fusion - Pastel Rose-04