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Announcing 9 new Mica Sets

 311-M-0701-01 We are very happy to announce a new line of our very unique imported colored Mica Flake in large 3 jar sets.

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311-M-0704-06Just incredible natural and man made color, these Mica Flakes are permanently colored and dyed flakes that will not bleed if mixed with glue or solvents.

311-M-0704-08The are Mica Flakes are packed in sets of 3 different colors, all packed in large mouth 1 oz jars. These are packed by volume (not weight) as Mica Flake are very, very light!

311-M-0707-08Over 30 different shades and colors!

311-M-0710-06 311-M-0710-08311-M-0703-06 311-M-0703-08


IV3 Instant 3 pack upgrade


Instant 3 pack upgrade for every IV3 pack ordered!

Flash Sale-aDollhouse Miniature Blow Out!

IV3- Buy 1 Get 3Sale Ends on April 15th!
Vintage Dollhouse Supplies and Retro German Miniatures are on sale!

Our 2017 inventory is starting to arrive and we need to make room!

But One IV3 Pack & You’ll Get Three Packs!
Order one set, and we will ship you three!
Order 100 sets, get 300 sets!
While supplies last!!!!!
No additional cost at all! 
Free 3 pack upgrade good for the same item only
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Dealers and Retail customer Welcome!

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Glittery Spring Easter Eggs


One of our favorite customers, Rosemary, sent along some wonderful photos of her latest project, beautiful vintage styled Glittery German Glass Glitter Eggs!


We love Rosemary’s creativity and that she is so willing to share pictures of her work directly with us and on her Facebook page.


Thank you Rosemary for great photos and a perfect example of our glitter being used to create something beautiful!

We’re going Etsy Green for Spring

Etsy GreenWe love our Doris Dotz Shop on Etsy. It give us a whole new way to interact with our great customers.

Our web guy was fooling around last week and came up with a neat trick to find just the right shade of green for Spring Crafting!

One little link that pulls up every green colored product in our store. German Glass Glitter, Beads, Mushrooms, Mica – everything green.

Give it a try – it is kind of cool to search by the color green. If you want more of these color search buttons for Etsy, just let me know. We can do a rainbow of them!