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Artist Spotlight: Allesio Gila

In this business we have been so fortunate to meet and build relationships with amazing artists. Among those is the inspired Alessio Gila, creator of Yargo Creations. Alessia has many talents, but his specialty lies in Polymer Clay artwork. You can read an earlier blog we featured in May, introducing Yargo Creations.

Polymer 1

Being a loyal customer, Alessio recently tested some of our glitters on a new project he was working on, and came up with some wonderful findings!

Polymer 7Polymer 3

When dealing with Polymer Clay, it is best to start by following the strict directions for oven temperature and maximum bake time. Alessio found that with a temperature of 275 degrees Fahrenheit for only 30 minutes, most of the glitters came out perfect!

Polymer 2

There is some slight color change with the lighter or pastel glitters (such as green), and blues and reds tend to shift colors entirely when in the oven for longer periods of time in a higher degree of heat. For some, this may be a desired effect and can look very neat when mixed with other colors!

Polymer 4

Polymer 5Polymer 6

For work with Resin, there is no baking involved, it hardens at ambient temperatures. Even though no heat is applied, there was still some color change as with the polymer clay. Alessio stressed the importance of using a cured resin rather than an uncured epoxy resin. He also found that it made a difference to use a water based paint to coat the piece after the resin hardens.

resin 1resin 2

No matter what the result in color, the shimmer and beauty of the glitters was not at all lost in the process. One of the major appeals of Polymer Clay and Resin, is that you can shape them in any way that you want, and make them any size that suits your needs.

Alessio has an eye for jewelry and noted that the pieces he made would be wonderful on a necklace or bracelet. This is just one of the many great projects you can use our German Glass Glitter for. Let us know how your latest project is going, and how you used our glitters (or other products) to bring your imagination to life!

making 2 making 3

Spotlight: Deb Collins Kidwell

It is with great honor that we introduce Deb Collins Kidwell. A woman of great depth, Deb is a breeder of American Mammoth Jackstock, which is the donkey breed started by George Washington.

Kidwell Blog Deb“American Mammoth Jackstocks are the biggest donkeys in the world….that is me with one of my 2 year olds….and I am 5’7″ tall in my bare feet!” – Deb Collins Kidwell

Along with owning and running Lake Nowhere Mule and Donkey Farm, she writes a monthly article for Western Mule Magazine and was on a NPR radio show about donkeys and mules for several years.

In her spare time (I’m not sure how she has any!), Deb creates imaginative Retablos that bring these endangered animals (there are only 2,000 left in the world) into the spotlight.

Her pieces of art tell a story with a sense of humor and display wonderful workmanship!

Kidwell Blog Donkey
“This Mount Vernon retablos was created with terra textures for a ‘path’, ‘grass’ and I used lots of glass glitter as well. The piece is only 4″ X 6″.”

Deb starts by repurposing a 1940’s-1960’s vintage cedar box (meant for jewelry or some other small items).

She then uses Meyer Miniatures, Terra Textures and glass glitter to create a scene.

Many of her boxes include phrases or writings that allow her to incorporate a message for the viewer to read.

With so much factory production in today’s world, it is refreshing to see such lovely hand-made pieces.

These are truly inspirational and remind the world that Donkeys are an important part of our history and of the earth.

We are so happy that we can provide Deb with the supplies to make these inventive creations, and hope to see more!

If you have a project you’d like to share, send us a message so we can get to know you and your crafting passions.

Thanks Deb for sharing your designs with us!


Kidwell Blog Moon“This little Donkey Jumped Over the Moon retablos is 3″ X 5″ and is part of a line of little Mexican silver donkey Milagros Retablos. Each one has a donkey in it somewhere and in this case, it’s the one jumping over the moon!”

Kidwell Blog supplies“Here are some of the goats and little donkeys I received from Meyer Imports recently and they are perfect!”

Kidwell Blog

We made the 2011 Craft Magazine Holiday Gift Guide!


We are kind of jazzed and are doing a little happy dance!!! To who ever recommend us for this, Thanks!! It is always great to see your company in print, and I love the idea of glitter being the "recommended gift" for crafters! Very cool indeed.

Real Silver Imported German Glass Glitter

Indulge your favorite crafter with high-end, imported German glass glitter. This glitter from Meyer Imports is made with silver, which imparts a beautiful tarnished patina on projects. It's a small gift and a luxury splurge.

Welcome Readers of Miss Mustard Seed’s Blog!

Miss Mustard Seed

For anyone who does not know of Miss Mustard Seed, she publishes a extremely successful blog and runs home interior design business for DIY'ers. She has been a customer for years and has always done a wonderful job of referring customers to us who follow her blog projects (where she uses a blend of 70 and 90 Grit Glitter on her designs – very cool) And on of that, now we are sponsors of her blog as well! (very proud of that as well!)

To see what she has published on Glass Glitter, just click here

We were also really proud to be featured in one (maybe two) of her videos, which you can see below:

Glitter Letter Tutorial from Miss MustardSeed on Vimeo.

In the NEWS! Better Homes & Gardens Holiday Crafts Magazine

We got a very nice email from a wonderful customer of ours, Johanna Parker, to let us know that two of her featured projects in Better Home and Gardens included our Glitter. And, we got a nice plug on page 106 as the supplier. Thanks Johanna!

On her blog she is sharing details on a couple of fun holiday How-To projects that are in 2010 issue of Better Homes & Gardens Holiday Crafts Magazine. This issue features a pair of her snow-folk ornaments along with instructions to create them! Included is a fun clown-like lollipop and a ring-a-ling-ding snow-girl, both designed to hang from your holiday tree. I suggest you find a copy today as it's full of wonderful projects from both Johanna and many of her fellow crafty friends!