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Retailer Profile: Could you walk by Zinnia and not go in?

Web-banner-flat DSCN1744Some stores were just meant to enter, to explore, to enjoy, to linger, trying to understand all the possibilties. Well Zinnia is all of these but it also like a treasure hunt, where everyone comes away with a prize. This the only way I can describe Zinnia.

It's not just because they have a huge collection of all things wonderful, or that they stock our Meyer goodies, or that they hold classes (with 6 resident teachers), or even that they have a cat that lives in the store (I am a cat person, sorry).

It's because I love the thrill of seeking what I don't already have and Zinnia is a craft seekers dream come true. Boxes and baskets and bins of wonderful items that each need to be looked at, each screaming with a million possible uses (ok, maybe not the buttons – I am not a button guy – sorry). But, don't listen to me, look at the pictures and then stop by as soon as you can! (See lots more pictures by clicking below!

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Retailer Profile: Retro Cafe’ Art Gallery

Retro cafe

(all images in this post are copyright Kristin Hubic)

We are really happy to announce a new retailer of Meyer Import Glitters! What is so cool about this, (besides the fact that we love shop that resell our products), is that Retro Cafe has a bunch of items that my customers are always asking us for!

Like Antique German Dolls and parts

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Artist Profile: Laughter and Lemondrops

Lemon One of the "fringe" benefits of running Meyer Imports is the fact that customers take the time to share what they have created with me. Sometimes it is a interesting craft project, sometimes a piece of art and sometimes is a real cool website.

DsfsdfWell, Caroline Sherman of Laughter and Lemondrops has shared all three in one email.

Her website is a piece of art in it's own right. Don't expect an "Amazon" get it done fast shopping experience, this is a site where you want to enjoy the graphics, the design and the way you move from product to product. And, while you are there, make sure to enjoy the products!

Like the Tree to the left, her designs are detailed, vintage, a little whimsical. Just my type of designer!

Just more more example of the caliber of our customers! You all just impress me so much! (Please see the posting about my Glitter Trees to see the extent of my artistic abilities)!!!

Check out Laughter and Lemondrops right here!

1001 Great Ideas – Just a Bed of Roses

Christmas trees and floral 002

"Add something VINTAGE & TRADITIONAL to YOUR Style"

Great a Bed of Roses is a really unique Gift Store in Farmington Utah, but before you say, Utah, that's really. really far away (for all of us who are not in Utah) you have to check out their blog. Tons of pictures that are just dripping with great ideas and creativiy. And if you just fell in love with something, I am sure they would appriciate a phone order. And, if you are in Utah, get in the car and check them out today!

Just a Bed of Roses

15 E. State Street
Farmington Utah

Retailer Spotlight: Tinsel and Company!

As you can tell, the purpose of this blog is to be a resource for anything and everything German Glass Glitter. And, if along the way, you want to purchase some glitter from us, great! But that is really not the only purpose of this blog.

Because we are so focused on importing Glitter (and related products) from Germany, we get a lot of questions about Glitter and related products. We try to answer as many as we can, and this post is to help customers who do not want just Glitter, but are looking for Christmas Decorations that have that vintage look, from Christmas past.

Wendy Addison is a very well known designer and friend who creates some wonderful items that embraces vintage and Glass Glitter in all her designs. Today we want to introduce a very nice family run shop that has a number of Wendy's designs, and so much more!

Tammy at Tinsel and Company (I love the name!!!) is a mom juggling 3 toddlers (twin 2 year old girls and a 3 year old boy) who has launched an on-line boutique selling vintage inspired seasonal home decor and gifts. Like all of us with passion for what we do, she only sells what she truly loves.


If you love Glass Glitter and Vintage and Christmas (or Halloween, or ???) You should stop by and say hello! You'll be glad you did!



Jewel Kade: Profile of a Successful Start Up

AHA Fundraiser We really like Jewel  Kade not only because they use lots of German Glass Glitter, but also becuase they have become one of the fastest growing companies in our industry. They have done so many things right (back to my point about their use of Glass Glitter!) that it is a great company to check out for all of us to learn from.

Jewel Kade offers fabulous jewelry items with articulate detail through every stage of craftsmanship.  They have seen tremendous growth since their humble beginning, and have appeared on The Today Show, The Ellen Degeneres Show, and American Idol.  This is no small achievement for such a young company. 

With their roots going back to 2008, Janet Kinkade founded Jewel Kade, offering vintage, contemporary, urban, and romantic jewelry items.  They offer a wide selection of charms, earrings, drops, bracelets, necklaces, and many more.  Each item is crafted with pewter, hand-cut glass, and Swarovski crystals, or German glass glitter.

Jewel Kade distributes their jewelry items through a large network of Jewel Kade Stylists, representing the multi-level marketing (MLM) business opportunity that they are becoming well-known for.

Jewel Kade is interesting to me as they have taken a concept, added their twist to the design, but then really thought through how to build a retail channel for driving sales. Instead of just thinking Etsy, eBay or a website, they have created an "army" of sales people who are introducing the brand to customers and retailers nationwide. Something to think about and learn from…….

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