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Cupcake Toppers from Down Under!

Flamingo Cake Toppers <here> Mini Flamingos <here>

Some our best customers are in Australia! And the tastiest customer we have in Australia is Heads and Tails. This is a great company that specializes in Cards and Cupcake Toppers (a prefect combination!)

And we are really happy to see our Miniatures make the grade and get the opportunity to brighten someones day, someones party, someones cupcake!

So, if you want to see a great collection of Cupcake Toppers, this is the store for you! Here are some of our favs!

Gnome Cake Toppers <here> Mini Gnomes <here>

Mushroom Cake Toppers <here> Mini Mushrooms <here>

Remember, Please just eat the cupcake, not the topper!

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Reseller Update – collage in Portland

Just a quick update from our of our resellers, collage in Portland. We just added their store addresses to our dealer listing and want to let you know if you like miniatures, they are stocking alot of what we sell in their store. But no Glass Glitter (please talk to them about this!) We love their stores and if you are in Portland OR, you just have to stop by! Tell them Meyer Imports said hello!


collage pdx “a new breed of cut and paste.”

"collage fills the gap the big–box supply stores leave behind." –Portland Picks

I recently spent quite a bit of time looking at the site for Collage, a retail craft store in Portland Oregon.

Part of the reason I like this shop is that I really like Portland.

I always have liked Portland. And at Collage, the sprirt of Portland shines. Like Portland, Collage is a mix of the standard and the turely unique. They have regular products, the standard paints, glues, pens. But also the unique, and the very unique. And classes, lots of classes. 

I like this, because it is kind of like us. We live for unique and we have lots to learn. Maybe that is how Collage found us, not really sure. But we are very happy to be buddies. If you live in Portland, or are just passing through, it's worth the stop.

Collage Alberta Location

in the alberta arts district:     

   1639 NE Alberta Street      
Portland, Oregon 97211

Collage Sellwood Store

located on historic antiques row
7907 SE 13th Ave
Portland, Oregon 97202

Retailer Profile: The Bearly Scrap! Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

We love adding new retailers to the "family" and really like it when companies like Beary Scrap start to carry our line. You see, getting a new retailer, is like getting married. Our family becomes linked, our holiday gatherings become a little brighter, our circle of contacts is a litter bigger as our designers and artists will get to know each other a little better.

But on top of this, every retailer get a "vote" in the business. What we should be doing, how we can better serve our customers, even, who gets to bring the cake to our holiday dinners! So we are really, really happy to announce that Beary Scrap has joined the family and is doing a bang up job with how they are presenting the glitter on their site!

And, if that was not enough, what a great design team and blog. Wow. Put's mine to shame. Oh well. We do what we can do. But the level of their projects, designs and support of just off the scale. You have to check it out! And, of course, welcome to the family! We are so happy to have you here!

Retailer Profile: Ready for those Valentine projects? Shabby Cottage Studio Can Help!

  Shabby Cottage Studio has a ton of great project ideas on their site for Valentine Day. Nestled high in the mountains of beautiful Tennessee (really a beautiful area of the country – I've been there!) Gail is an artist and has a very creative spirit in the products and project she offers. Her blog is a running flow of new products that make her store the one stop Valentine shopping stop! 








And project ideas! So many great concepts, and if you need more, she offers classes as well. It's the type of site where you come for the products and stay around for quite a while to see, learn and explore! Check it out today!

Stash Society ~ “The Romantic Life” ~ A Gilded Life

Today we are really happy to present the "The Romantic Life" from A Gilded Life. This is a very interesting "high end" monthly kit club, and from the look of the kit and my understanding of the response, this is really a huge hit! We are really proud to be part of the kit and hope you will take the time to check out their site. Beautiful pictures (a few which I snagged below!!) We forward to working with A Gilded Life as they start to think about what's next. I know it is going to be great!

On top of the kits, A Gilded Life does retreats at their studio in Dallas, they teach at a select few upscale events, and are writing their first book this year. (A free sample of Glitter with every copy… Maybe!) Check it out and enjoy!