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Curly Lametta German Angel Hair

216-0121-01Germany is known for their rich history of manufacturing  all types of tinsel, bullion wire and lametta. As we continue to add new products, we are very excited to announce a new partnership with one of the remaining family run factories that still produce these great vintage products.

216-0121-02 While similar to Angel or Flower Hair, this real German Curly Lametta is much brighter, shiner and colorful than any other product available from standard retailers.

216-5362-02You see, Flower Hair is just “colored round wire” but to produce real Lametta our partners use an old world production process to roll, treat and plate each strand of wire, before it is twirled and curled.

This is the same process used to create the old fashion Tinsel Lametta, but our Lametta is lead free and safe for crafts, floral and other artistic projects!

Available in our store in nice retail packaging in 17 different colors, with wholesale pricing and 3 & 10 pack discounts as well!

Lametta -Group-Wide

Announcing: Glitter Starter Kits

We often get questions about our German Glitter colors and grits (grain) size.  312-1008-04312-1001-05312-1007-03

No matter how good our pictures are, you just have to see our Glass Glitters to really understand the difference in quality from normal “craft” glitter and see the difference between Extra Fine and our Coarse grain size.

 We are happy to announce that to help you try all our Glitters we have developed nice Starter Kits that gives you an ample amount of our Glitters in 70, 80, 90, and 100 Grit, plus you always get a free sample Glitter Medleys color blend glitter as well!

Each kit gives you a nice amount of Glitter (a full ounce total weight) This is way more than a big pinch, but less than an a standard jar of each color.It is enough to really see the quality, experience the colors and even create some beautiful projects.

Packaged up and ready to go at this link312-1006-05

Taylor Swift, Garden Fairy

Ok, I admit it. I like Taylor Swift. I think she is a great song writer, a great performer and (it seems to me) a really nice person.

So, I am extremely happy to announce the first ever Garden Fairy that looks like Taylor Swift. taylor fairy

Now this is not an official, sanctioned Taylor Swift Fairy, it is simply one of the cute little fairies we carry, that (to me) looks like Taylor when she was younger (and had wings)

We also have another teeny-tiny fairy that looks like a young Wilma Flintstone with Blonde hair, but that is a blog post for another day. fairy-wilma If you want to see more pictures of these cute “celebrity” fairies (and some of our “bad boy” gnomes), just click here!


Welcome to Elf, Gnome & Fairyland

Elf-Fence-07We are kind of known for our rich inventory of German Glass Glitter, Beads, Mica and other “glittery” goodies.

But we are also the leading industrial supplier of Gnomes and Gnome supplies in the North American Market.

Ok, this is probably not true, but it might be. We sell alot of Gnomes, Elf and Fairies, but I do not think the marketing research companies really track Gnome sales so we can’t be sure if we are the leaders or not…..

Elf-Fence-01But, marketing research companies really should track this, I mean, who does not love Gnomes, Elfs and Fairies. I mean really? They are so darn cute!

However, we have discovered that you can’t stock just one. Nope. Gnomes do not play that way. They tell their cousins, who tell their brothers who then tell their sisters and all of sudden you have a full inventory of Fairies Gnomes and Elfs.

Elf-Fence-04Once you get invaded with gnomes and fairies, they start making demands, for walkway pebbles, trees, landscaping, houses, bridges. So, now we had to add those items to our inventory as well.

So if you love Gnomes, the way we do, come see what we have and start having fun with Gnomes, Elfs and Fairies!


Warehouse treasures – part two

Logo with texture

marolinThis is part two on the series about our warehouse finds that we are finally bringing out to market. You can rIV3-2428-TB-02ead part one here.  You can see all these vintage items in our store here.

Today, I want to present, Marolin who is one of the old German IV3-2406 - Penguin (1)manufacturerIV3-2405 - Deer Set (1)s that has items included in this section of our store.

Marolin is an old company (110 years in business) that creates the finest Paper mache figures around, from the same hand crafted and hand painted process since the early IV3-2409 - Warthog (1)1900s.

After WWII they expanded into a line of IV3-2412 - Rabbits (1)high quality plastic figures, with the same level of attention and hand painted detail.  We we purchased thousands of these and sold many, many pieces over the years. But we still have many of these figures left and they are still new in mint condition! to see all the Marolin items in our store, please check this out!