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New Product: Forest Gnome Flatbacks – Flatbacks & Charms

Forest Gnome Close up

Imports Flatbacks and Charms
, are the perfect little embellishments for
any papercraft, scrapbook, miniature or diorama project. Featuring
Flatback figures, which are true to their name and flat on one
side..made for gluing to cards and other flat surfaces.

Forest Gnome thumbnail

This set
includes the items listed below. Use with Meyer Imports Craft Tac Glue
in Original or High Contrast Black.

This set contains:

4 Gnomes

3 Mushrooms

2 Flying Birds

3 Trees

Click here to see this great set! #214-3001

Forest Gnome Package

New Today! Glass Glitter Rainbow Bottle Set


Glass Glitter from Meyer Imports comes in a beautiful rainbow of
colors! In this glass bottle set, you get 9,  1/8 oz bottles in a
rainbow sampler. German Glass Glitter is sure to kick start that paper craft,
super craft project that your now working on!

Click here to go to our store!

Rainbow Bottle Set

Take & Make Glass Glitter Rainbow Bottle Set
Item # 311-0002

1/8 oz Bottle Black
1/8 oz Bottle White
1/8 oz Bottle Silver
1/8 oz Bottle Red
1/8 oz Bottle Copper
1/8 oz Bottle Gold
1/8 oz Bottle Pale Yellow Green
1/8 oz Bottle Pale Blue
1/8 oz Bottle Violet


New Today! Assorted Minis for Halloween!

214-4002 pieces

little bit spooky but a lot of crafting fun! The Meyer Imports
Halloween Assortment gives you a few pieces of our All Hallows Eve
favorites! From frosty green goblets to scary black cats and purple
glass glitter, you'll get 13 assorted miniatures and one 1/8 oz glass
vial of Violet Glass Glitter! Click here to go our store!

Take & Make Embellishments & Minis

Assorted Minis



Take and Make Craft Supplies

Big Red Test shot Well, Meyer Imports continues to grow up and get a little more professional every day. This posting is to provide a little insight to what we are doing behind the scenes to make it easier to find what you are looking for and to present our goodies in a new easy to use, easy to display format.


The new retail line from Meyer Imports

This all started with my attendance at the CHA show down in Los Angeles in January. One of my 'flashes' was that everyone else packages their products for "retail" and I was spending all my time trying to be a "bulk" provider. On top of this, I realized not only did retail packages make our products look great, but they also allowed me to create product lines of similar items that allow our retailers to quickly decide if they want the "whole line" or just select pieces and parts.

And of course, we still sell bulk and keep (for the most part) thousands of a given item in stock.

The first of our new Retail Packaged lines is:
Meyer Imports – Take and Make – Mushrooms and Moss

For our Take and Make line, we have created kits of our Spun Cotton and Plaster Mushrooms (all vintage West German production) and coupled them with straw and mosses. (The moss is also imported from Germany as part of our Natural Fiber lines). The retail line all come packaged in very nice "Crystal Clear'  containers, and are great for keeping your items organized at home and even better for displaying in a retail store.

And, of course, we will continue to offer all of our products in Bulk Quantities! Just look for tBULK-Buttonhe "BULK QTY" button to take you directly to larger quantities of any items. Today, we have the Mushroom and Moss area rebuilt, and next we will update the Glass Glitter section. This should really help to make it faster and easier to find just what you are looking for, but give us some time to get all the categories redone in this new format!

Dealers and Wholesale Customer: Once you log in with your password, you will see the wholesale price for both the retail package and the bulk quanitities. With no minimum order amount and "cheap" shipping we are working hard to make it easy to store your store with Meyer Imports Products! And now, please enjoy our Mascot – The Meyer Gnome at Mushroom Beach!

Big red gnome test pic

announcing. mushrooms and moss.

Click here for a  catalog page (pdf)

Meyer Imports is rolling out a series of new mushroom and moss kits. The mushrooms in these kits are an assortment of spun cotton, plastic and plastic, all from Germany and over 40 years old. The most and other natural fibers are also imported from Germany and are the first product in our new Natural Fibre line.

The new mushroom and moss kits come in easy to store little boxes, and you can easily try diffent sizes and colors or decide on one of our larger assortments (Like the Model #115!)

With the assortments you'll get a little bit of each of our
Mushroom products! A sampling of Large Red Cotton Mushrooms, Brown
Plaster mushrooms, plastic vintage flat back mushrooms..Use for any
papercraft project, cards, scrapbooking or more!