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Drum Roll Please…….. The Winner is…………


Well, we had 318 entries in our little give away, which is about 10 times more than I ever thought we would get! I really wacked my little brain on what we could to do to be fair in picking one person, just one. With so many entries, we knew alot of folks are going to be disappointed. :-(

I personally read every comment and was really touched that so many poeple tried so hard to impress me (and you did!) Some were funny, some were really touching some were scary (GIVE TO ME, IF U EVER WANT TO SEE YOUR DOG AGAIN). Ok, I made that one up….

But we really had a great laugh at alot of the enteries and it kind of breaks my heart that I can't afford to give everone the set.

So we had to pick one. And we did.

It wasn't the longest comment, nor the funniest, the most clever or even the most compelling. It was the comment that I felt most symbolized what I like about crafters. They are just nice people.

Here's the winning comment:

From hazeyj

Well, although the chance to win is a lot more remote I hope the number of entries makes you super-happy. Thanks for the opportunity to win your product though! Hx

Sure, HazeyJ wanted to win, everyone did. But the fact that she wanted me, someone she never met, who has never done anything for her, in anyway, to be happy, showed me that her entry was alot more than just "jumping" on the bandwagon to get me lots of comments.  She wanted me to be super-happy. That is really sweet. I liked that. I liked that because I think it is what this offer was really all about. Sure, I want more customers, who doesn't? But I really wanted to see if anyone was listening. Am I typing in a vacumm? Does anyone else like my long rants about Glitter? Does anyone really care?

Well, thanks to hazeyj and the hundreds of other folks who took the time to read the blog and send in a comment, I know the answer. Yep, poeple are listening, and they seem to care.

So, HazeyJ Yes, I am happy. Very happy. Very Super-Happy in fact.  I have to thank everyone for making this a great start to a wonderful holiday seaso0021-600x489n.

For everyone who did not win, you still made my day (and the glitter dog's day as well). Your reward might not be a set of our Glitters, but rather helping to rev up the old editor (me) to do more, more blog posts, more give aways, more new products and tons of other fun Glittery treats that we all can share!

German Glass Glitter Give Away! Our World Famous Glitter Bottle Set!


"OHHHH I am so excited! I hope I win!"

I am a HUGE believer in Give – Aways. They are fun, a great way to promote your business and a great way to get your readers to provide feedback.

But they are also risky. Kind of like, "what if I threw a party and no one came" risky, so I normally just work with other blogger to do give-aways to their readers, and then I thought, heck, I got alot of readers. (a few hundred a day at least) and shouldn't I reward those kind and loyal customers? YES I should!

So, if you leave a comment to this post, maybe something clever, something funny, or even just, "send me free stuff" it tells me you are out there! At the end of this month (next Tuesday) I'll have one of the ladies at the shop blindly pick one commenter to get a bottle set of our Glitters. A little of the best colors.

For free. But please, help make this a "party that everyone wants to attend, Tweet, Facebook, Reblog, whatever, let people know of about this one. Yes, I know, the more people who enter, the smaller the chance that you will win, but won't you feel good knowing that you made me happy? Hmmmm. You do want me to be happy? Otherwise I'll feel like the guy with all this wonderful glitter and no one to party with…. So Sad. So let the fun begin and get ready to comment and (drum roll please) and take a look below on what you just might win!

RAinbow botte set actual size
Enter your comment to get a chance to win this Meyer Imports Bottle Set!

FREEBIES! Blog about it! and Win! Our November Free Giveaway!

Big red gnome test pic

Every order gets a Free sample set of Vintage Spun Cotton and Plaster Mushrooms! And, in fact, you do not even need to order them to win! Here's how it works:

For every order we get during the month of November, we will add a free Sample Kit of our Vintage Mushrooms with the other items you ordered. Just for you to play with and have fun! We just want everyone to know we are more than just great Glass Glitter!


Write about this free offer on your blog and send us a link to the posting with your mailing address! We will send you the same free sample just for helping get the word out! No cost!

So get blogging! And make sure to send us the link so we check it out! Your free Mushroom Sample Kit could be in the mail, today!