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Shop by Color – All our Glitters in one place!

Color-PASTELWe are very happy to announce a new feature on our web site, the ability to Shop by Color!

So, you no longer have to think, what type of glitter or material do I want for my project, you can just think of the Color you are looking for and with one little click, all the items we have will be displayed. 

Glitters, Flitters, Mica, Shards, all sorted by color. It isColor-BLU really cool and fun way to discover all the items we carry, beside our world famous German Glass Glitters! Try it today!

Special Offer! Three Jars of Autumn Shades Chunky Glass Glitter

Autumn-Set-70-Grit- 11bAutumn Chunky Glitter Set

Just in time for your Thanksgiving Centerpiece, here is our latest "deal of the day". (or at least until Thanksgiving day!) This is a set of 3 Jars of our famous Chunky Glitters, each jar holds 2 oz, so you get a total of 6 oz for a very special price! Over $30 retail for less than half price! Wow! This price will hold until Thanksgiving day, so now is the time to order! Click here for all the details!

Gold-70-Grit- 04a
Gold Chunky Glass Glitter

Light-Brown-70-Grit- 10a
Light Brown Chunky Glass Glitter

Orange-70-Grit- 11c
Orange Chunky Glass Glitter

Yikes: We’re On It: Deprecated: Function session_is_registered() is deprecated

Revenge_of_the_nerds_2 Huh? What the heck does that mean?

Just a quick update – Last night our server host did an upgrade to our server which conflicted with the software we use to run our online store. No hackers were involved, just one group of programmers not talking to the other.

They are fixing it now, and the errors message you see on our site will go away soon. The site still works, and no data was comprimised, but the site looks like crap right now.

So, we are on it and will get it back to normal ASAP!

Oh No! It’s Broken! Oh Wait, All Fixed!

Imageserdf Thanks to our customers, we were alerted this week to a problem with our website. It was actually a very minor problem, but many customers were scared (and rightfully so!) when they got a screen that the website was "not secure".

Your information and protecting anything you share with us is really, really important to us. Period!

We subscribe to a service that provides a "Secure Connection" between your computer and our on-line store, and that connection was disrupted due to a small setting change by our provider. The site was actually working fine, and the message was really intended to say "hey you – tech guy- take a look at your settings – something isn't right"!

Well, we got the message and I had my web guys and our security company not only fix the problem, but do a complete security sweep to make sure everything else was air tight. It was.

With the "bad guys" trying to steal our credit cards, bank info a9handcuffsnd everything else, as we all hear about in the news, I want to make sure you know that we really take this seriously. If you ever feel something is not right in our on-line store, just let us know and we will take immediate action to resolve any issues.

So, just keep walking bad guys, but you ain't getting in here. No way, no how.