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Find It. Click it. Get it. Free.

IV3-FREE-05We have thousands, and thousands of vintage, retro miniatures from the golden era of post WWII  German manufacturing.

So, just for fun we have a set of random miniatures in our store, listed at $0.00. This is not a mistake. This is our way to reward those “Meyer Fans” who take the time to look in all the nooks and crannies of our store.  And if you do, right there in plain sight is this free set. Just put it in your cart (and hit our low order minimums) and it is yours. For Free. Limited to just one per order, but these are the only limitations…. So find it, click it and it is yours!

your ideas can earn free glitter

glittercraftsWe are opening our door for any project submissions, product concepts or craft bloggers with interesting story proposals to help us launch our new site.

If you have a project you are really proud of, or just something you want to share, send us an email!  The top three ideas we receive will each get a free set of our German Glass Glitters in our cute corked jars!

311-M-0607TB - Pink Corked Set  (7)Everyone who leaves a comment, a project concept, sends us a project photo, or, even better a link to your blog where we can see your work, will be entered into the contest to win one of three sets of our German Glass Glitters and Glass Deco Beads!

You could be one of the lucky three winners!

And, just for entering, we will send you a 25% discount coupon on your next purchase of anything in our store.   This offer ends at the end of May, so please send us your photos, links and proposals this month!311-M-0608TB - Blue Corked Set  (7) To see all the different sets to chose from, just click here.

Offer details:

Anyone who sends us project idea, a blog post, a photo or leaves a comment to this post with any of the above (or links to these items) will be entered into our contest where the *best* three ideas will get a free set of our Glitter & Deco beads in our glass corked bottles, shipped for free, anywhere in the world.

Also, anyone who replies to this offer, will receive a 25% discount coupon for their next purchase for anything in our store, good for the rest of May 2015.

Update on our new site

changing nameChanging out a website is a big project. This is something I now understand.

Updating our website is a project that we started at the end of last year, After many design reviews and technology discussions, we assembled a team to create a much more modern website to help present our products and make it much more easier to find “just” the items you need!

Phase one of this was our new blog, but the next phase is the big one, getting our site completely ported over to the new platform. This will probably happen in the next two weeks and then I will need to do a lot of mop up and cleaning to get everything in it’s correct place.

As a customer and user of our site, please feel free to contact us with bugs, problem, comments or suggestions as we all work together to make this the best online store it can be!