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Flash Sale – Vintage Ornaments


Get 3 for $1 – Angel Star Ornaments

We are happy to spread a little Christmas cheer with a great opportunity to stock up on our Vintage German Christmas Ornaments. We acquired a large quantity of these ornaments many years ago, and never really promoted them to our customers.

So, we have a large quantity still in stock and thought this would be a great chance for us to have one of our great Flash Sales to offer these at a ridiculously low price.

ornament-701-1002aGet 3 for $1 – Angel Moon Ornaments

Choose either style & buy one set of three, or buy 100 sets!

Some details:  For only a $1, you’ll get 3 of your choice of these 40 year old vintage ornaments that have been safely stored away in our warehouse, since they were first imported directly from Germany! However, this is limited time offer and on Thursday, December 15th at midnight, this offer will disappear. Our store order minimums still do apply. No additional dealer discounts are available, but you are free to order as many as needed at this price, limited to stock on hand.

New International Shipping Rates

Canada_flag_halifax_9_-04New Shipping policies for Canada and other International Orders.

With a heavy heart, for the first time in 10 years (!) I must announce that we have had to add a surcharge for shipments going to Canada, Europe, Asia, China, South America, and even Africa.

The US Postal service raised the International rates earlier in the year and we held off for as long as we could, but were losing money on almost every international order.

We love our customers outside of the US and welcome all the orders we receive from you! And even with the surcharge, in most cases we are still subsidizing these shipments and will work hard to continue to keep our shipping fees to a minimum.

At this point, we are just trying to cover the direct cost to us for getting your package to you, safe and sound and in perfect condition!

So with your next order (Non-USA Customers Only) you will see an additional shipping surcharge on the check out screen to help offset this postal service price increase.

Thanks for your understanding and for every single order you place with us!

Back in the saddle

Life is interesting. Sometimes you are going along nice and easy and sometimes everything is rushing at you too fast. Too much to too. Too much to control. And then things somehow get returned to normal. Like magic.

This is why I like the phrase “back in the saddle”.  In four short words it conveys that you are focused, in your safe space, going somewhere and in control.

back-in-the-saddleSo, we are now “back in the saddle”. Not that we really went anywhere, but every year after the holidays, it takes us a couple of months to recover (yes it is really that crazy for us at the end of each year).

As a business, we regroup, restock, rethink our business, make investments, partnerships, choose new products. We work with our partners in Germany to develop new ideas. And we clean the shop.

And about this time of year (just like the Easter holiday) we reemerge anew, reborn in a sense, and ready to get down down to what we love to do. Work with our customers and do cool stuff.

So this Spring, we are basking in the sun, happy to be here, happy to fire up our marketing machine. And to blog, to chat, to deliver, to innovate, to have fun.

And to thank you for sharing part of your life with us, as our customers, our partners and as fans of what we do.  Now, it’s time to………..


Curly Lametta German Angel Hair

216-0121-01Germany is known for their rich history of manufacturing  all types of tinsel, bullion wire and lametta. As we continue to add new products, we are very excited to announce a new partnership with one of the remaining family run factories that still produce these great vintage products.

216-0121-02 While similar to Angel or Flower Hair, this real German Curly Lametta is much brighter, shiner and colorful than any other product available from standard retailers.

216-5362-02You see, Flower Hair is just “colored round wire” but to produce real Lametta our partners use an old world production process to roll, treat and plate each strand of wire, before it is twirled and curled.

This is the same process used to create the old fashion Tinsel Lametta, but our Lametta is lead free and safe for crafts, floral and other artistic projects!

Available in our store in nice retail packaging in 17 different colors, with wholesale pricing and 3 & 10 pack discounts as well!

Lametta -Group-Wide

Host a Pumpkin Party (with Glitter)

pumpkinWe’re Trending on Darby Smart! We just got picked up in the Darby Smart weekly email. They totally featured our “Glitter your own Pumpkin Kit!” Too Cool! Check out the “Host a Pumpkin Party” in this link.

Darby is kind of a red – hot site for crafters. based right here in San Francisco. They are what Etsy used to be, but with a lot more design flair and even kits to get you started. Really happy to be working with them and hope you check out our little store there as well!

Take an Interest in our Pinterest!

Pinterest-PIXWe have recently taken more time to build our Pinterest account, and you have to check out our many great Pins! Most of our Boards have original content right from our website! So when you find something on our site that you really like, Pin it!

We have 9 different types of Glitter and beads, each with their own Board for easy organizing. We also feature Boards from our Miniature Shoppe including Railroad, Dollhouse, Fairy Garden, Gnome Home, Flowers, Hearts and many more!

Our pins are labeled with the title and part number of the item so it couldn’t be easier for you to find exactly what you’re looking for on our website.

Not only do we have hundreds of pins from our own inventory, but we have Boards with great ideas for crafts with glitter, Fairy Garden and Gnome Home projects and even ways to make Dollhouse pieces!

It’s not all business though. We like to share an appreciation for great Art, cute animals and clever little ditties about Glitter! Take a look, browse through our many Boards and Pins and most of all, Enjoy!