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Scary, Scary Halloween

Our designers have been at it again! This time they have created a nice Halloween piece, there's alot going on in this little project! Build it yourself with Meyer Imports Miniatures!


If you look carefullyHalloween_scene_4
you will see witches in the trees…..

Elfs in the bushes

and little black cats and frogs…..Halloween_scene_6_3


and of course, lots of Pumpkins!!!
Happy Halloween!


Fall is here! Time to Glitter up the Pumpkins!

Halloween_craftsIt’s funny how Halloween has become such a large event for families. I can remember as a kid how we wore the cheap costumes, with the plastic face mask with the cheap rubber bands that broke by the second trick-or treat stop.

Now, it’s hand made costumes, big parties and much more of a whole family277863249_d77b6da53c_3
event. That’s good! One of the things we also noticed (call it a trend I guess) is the burst of orange glass glitter sales in late September and October. I put on my
Private Investigator Hat
and realized that Glass Glitter Pumpkins were quite the rage. We had one customer create 50 Glittered Pumpkins as a centerpiece for a wedding they were planning.

That’s a lot of Glitter Pumpkins!


For anyone who wants to Glitter Up some Pumpkins, here is all you need to know! You will need:
1) Real (or plastic) Pumpkins – 3" to 6" pumpkins work the best.

2) Spray Glue (Any good Spray On Craft Adhesive)

3) Real German Glass Glitter


  1. Protect your work surface with newspaper (or something)2129272105_3
  2. Spray Pumpkin with adhesive  working one side at a time. Follow manufacturer’s instructions when working with spray adhesive.
  3. Sprinkle the glass glitter evenly over adhesive, shake off extra.  Pour glitter on pumpkin again and fill in exposed areas.
  4. Repeat process completing your project.
  5. Impress your friends with your amazing talent!

We put together a little Halloween Boutique where we are offering Glass Glitter, Miniatures and other items all themed around Halloween. It’s all in stock for rapid shipping.

If you have craft ideas for Halloween, please send them in! Or post them as comments! I hope all your pumpkins look as good as ours!