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So I typed “Glittery Fall” into Google, and this is what I found. Homerun!

Fall-garland-collage-e1378841835321rain on a tin roof

Sometimes, things just work out. I woke up this morning and thought, "you know, fall is here, I should do a post on something Glittery for fall" A quick Google search and "boom" just what I needed!

Jenna does a great (and funny write up) on this simple project and gives you just enough details to make easy as (pumpkin) pie!

And with both Halloween and Thanksgiving right around the corner, this is a great time of year to get crafty, Autumn Crafty that is.

So Thank you Jenna for helping to bring the changing of the seasons to us with a wonderful use of Glitter! We loved the post and your use of Glitter! Please keep Glittering!

Halloween Diorama, with all the Bells, Whistles and Pumpkins!

2013-09-23 09.39.38Designed by Kaethe, our inhouse creative genius!

We spend a lot of time working with our customers and our design team to present you with some of the best uses of our products and to give new customers ideas for their next creation. But sometimes we just need to look in our own backyard to find that spark of creativity for us to present. Today we have that spark!

2013-09-23 09.39.42
You see, I was away for a few days and left the business in the hands of my very capable staff. Well, guess what happens when you leave a warehouse full of German Miniatures and Glass Glitter (and a few very crafty workers) without "adult" supervision? Well apparantly, when the cats are away, the mice get out the glue guns!

2013-09-23 09.39.27Witches on brooms, lots of hay bales, pumpkins and flying bats!

The result is a diorama for us to use at the upcoming Glitterfest that shows how Halloweeny we can really be. With tons of minitures you will not find anywhere else, and glitter to boot, we are a one stop miniture powerhouse supplier!

2013-09-23 09.40.02Tiny glittery pumpkins in orange and black!

2013-09-23 09.38.28The cat got too close to the glitter pot. sorry cat.

2013-09-23 09.40.02Yep, a real witch and a burning caldron. What more could you ask for?

2013-09-23 09.39.33
A little baby witch "practicing" with their broom, just like mama witch!

Thanks Kaethe for creating this great piece for our lobby, our trade shows and of course, Glitterfest. And while I love your creativity and your use of our products in this wonderful piece, STOP Goofing around and get back to work!!!!

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Witches, Bats, Pumpkins and Hay, Oh My!

SAF-3A--04In keeping with our Halloween Theme this week, I thought I should offer up something besides just Pumpkins and Glitter, so today, I offer you Witches, Bats, Hay and of course Pumpkins. 

And in keeping with our motto, "Tiny good, large bad" (we are just not too creative here) these are all about an inch tall, except mean old Ms Witch who stands a little over 3" tall. 

For more interesting, yet small, Halloween items, check out our Seasonal Halloween Shop!

Spectacular Halloween Candles, with Pumpkin Spice Glitter!


Lori of A Pinch of Glitter is one member of our design team that always really impresses us! Great designs, novel projects, and more creativity than we ever could demonstrate! And wonderful pictures to boot!


Who would of thought that our Pumpkin Spice Glitter, glued to Black Candles would of been so stunning?

Well, Lori did! And for all the details and the story behind this project, you have to click on over to A Pinch of Glitter!

Thanks Lori for making this Halloween just a little bit more crafty, a little bit more trendy and a whole lot more Glittery!

GET READY TO PUUUUMPKIN (or Glittery Pumpkins on Parade!)

I had two names for this blog post and loved them both. So, this is my first "dual" Name Blog post – ever! So "Get Ready" or "Take them on Parade" – it's your choice! Either way, just make sure you have lots of Glitter!


Yep, it is that time of year again. The time where you cover your table in newspaper, get out the glue and your favorite Glitters and start up your PUMPKINS!

Yes, Glitter up those round orbs of Halloween Goodness to show the world that Glittering is the more humane way to Pumpkin.


So this year, don't slice, hack and inflict pain on your pumpkins, use Glitter and make them the proudest Pumpkins in your neighborhood! (I'm kind of like the PETA for Pumpkins!) Think I am being silly? Well check out our gallery below, our gallery of Glittery Pumpkins on Parade!









Images (14)

Images (13)


Images (5)

We’ve Opened our Halloween Store, So get ready to Pumpkin!

Ok, so I am at Costco, buying some huge things that only came in the extra large size, and the store is filled with Christmas stuff. I mean come on, it was like the first day of Fall, Halloween is 6 weeks away. Thanksgiving is not even scheduled yet, and you are selling Christmas items. Wow. So, I took it as a sign that we should open up our Halloween store and get ready to start shipping Witches, pumpkins, spiders and hay bales. If Costco is already selling Christmas, I am really late!

Glittery glamourGlitter Pumpkins? Lean More!


EEK spiders 203-3-003 - 05
And course, we always have new items, like these great scary spiders.

So stop by the Meyer Imports Halloween Shop today and see our unique Glittery and  Tiny items you need!