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How to make Glitter Letters, The Movie! A Wonderful Tutorial!

Glitter Letter Tutorial from Miss MustardSeed on Vimeo.

One thing all Movie Critics agree on, this is the must see movie of the year! Specially around the 3.5 minute mark, where Ms Mustard explains how Meyer Glitters are the best around! (Ok, the rest of it is really, really good as well)  We love it, just love it!

Australian Crafting! Unique Resin and Glass Glitter Pendant!

Well, I guess Glass Glitter ain't just for cards!

Today we highlight a very interest use for Glass Glitter, caputuring large flakes (or shards) in resin for a wonderful looking Pendant.

We really like designers who use Glitter in new and exciting ways, and am always happy to show others the many uses of Glass Glitter!

See this design at "made it" a online market for designers in Australia. Thanks to Alice for this great piece!

So Cool!

Glitter Alert: Currently Out of Stock of some key colors, way too much of other colors

Empty shelf We have very good relations with our suppliers in Germany and work hard to try to forecast how  must of each color and grit we need to have in stock. And with the economy being rather soft, we have been trying to manage this as closely as possible.

Unfortunately, we kind of blew it and have way too much of some colors and have run out of some key Glitters (like Silver). We have orders in place with our suppliers and are working with them to get product out to us as quickly as possible, but it is going to be November before we start to see our product arrive and can start to make shipments of these colors.

Right now, we are out of the Silvers and Browns and some other key colors. We realize this is a problem and are trying to get our stock level back as quickly as possible. We will still accept orders for these colors and will ship as soon as product is received. If you place an order for a color that is not in stock, we will let you know and of course you will have the option to wait, or cancel that part of the order.

The flip side of this bad news, is that we are over stocked with some Glitters that we thought would sell much faster than it did. We are going to hold an "over stocked sale" in the next few days and updates on this, our out of stock inventory issue, will be posted on this blog.

Thanks for hanging in there with us, we will get replenished as quick as possible and will ship like mad with get caught up……

Is all Glass Glitter not the same? An open question about color bleeding.

2752698812_2a57cc246b We have been very open on our position about products from Asia. In our testing, they are not up to the quality of the products we import from Europe. In addition, we also have large concerns about the enviromental controls the Asian companies are being held to.

We know there is Glass Glitter now coming from China and we have chosen to not carry it for the reasons noted above.

However, we are getting reports that some of the "new glitter" vendors are being plauged with a problem of color bleed, the glitter color actually coming off the glass when glued. I have not seen this problem with my own eyes and am hoping to get some input from our readers on if this is a problem with our glitter (we have no reports, but thought I should ask) or just other Glass Glitters on the market.

I would recomend you should only purchase real German Glass Glitter (from us or other vendors), as we have have not had these reports about our products AND I'll been to the German factories and have seen the enviromental standards that our vendors are held to. I like that.

While I love Glitter, it is not worth posioning the Earth, or staining your hands.

Great News – Our Glitter Supplies are coming in!


We are very excited over here. We just got off the phone with our German Glitter Factory and were comparing production issues and shipments. We were getting low on a few colors and actually had dropped into back-order on a few grits. 

After going through this in great detail, as the Germans are known to do, we determined that the shipments should start to arrive within a day or two.

Two hours later, a delivery truck pulled up with the first batch of a very large order we have coming into the states. (Ya!)

So, we are not back up to full stock, but the Glitter Highway is flowing and we should have everything back in stock within another week or two!

And for now, we are going to start to Glitter Up some Gnomes!!!!

Thanks Glitter Delivery Boy!

Pink, Pink, Pink Blended Glass Glitters

Pinks Blend Thumbnail-2

We are seems to be creating some buzz with our Glass glitter Blends, so I thought i would share a little detail about these unique products. Created from Glass Glitter made for us in Germany, these are hand blended by our creative team here is the states. Not only are they a blend of colors / shades, but also a blending of grit (or grain size) to create glitters that are like no other around. If you are a glitter junkie (like us) you will love our blends. I'll be feature the other blend shades over the next few days, but for today, we have the Pinks Blend. (check it out in our store here)

Click on the next photo for a high res close up of this wonderful glitter!

Pinks Blend Thumbnail-1 

Want a free sample? Ok, for the first 100 people that send me an email (with your name, address, etc) at this email address and I'll send you a little sample pack to check this out for yourself. (and if you are the 101st person, don't worry, I'll send you some too, just need to make sure we do not get too swapped with free glitter requests!)